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Resources & Publications

Native Nations Education Foundation has compiled several resource publications about our organization and programs on Native Hawaiian data.  We are pleased to offer these resources here for public use.  If you have any questions or feedback on these publications, you may contact us at (808) 769-0060.  Please check back for more offerings as they are made available.  These resource publications are as follows:

  • The Pane'e Mua Project Brochure which gives a brief overview of our High School Diploma Program as well as our Community Learning Program.
  • The Photo Gallery which is a compilation of photographs featuring students from past and present projects of Native Nations Education Foundation.
  • The East Hawaiʻi Educational Needs Assessment Survey Results (2011) which gathered basic demographic information as well as community education interests and education attitudes.
  • The East Hawaiʻi High School Diploma Plan for Native Hawaiian Adults which is a comprehensive support services plan for Native Hawaiians in need of a high school diploma outlining the general status of Native Hawaiians and Native Hawaiian formal education statistics in Hawaiʻi.  It also provides information on the NNEF perspective and methodology of providing high school diploma courses for Native Hawaiian adults.
  • The East Hawaiʻi Education Plan for Native Hawaiian Adults which outlines the general status of Native Hawaiians and Native Hawaiian education in East Hawaiʻi.  It also outlines the educational interests and needs of Native Hawaiians in East Hawaiʻi as well as NNEFʻs plan for community education programming to meet those interests and needs through the Paneʻe Mua Project.